Tile and Grouting

Even after thoroughly mopping the floor with water and bleaches, tile floors and grouts still manage to look a bit messy. Depending on the colour of tiles and types of grouts, there are various methods to clean the look of your tiles and make them appear as new. Whether you choose natural methods or chemical solutions for cleaning the tiles, you can get grout with no effort.

Understanding how tile grout gets dirty is a useful way of picking the best cleaner and if you are looking for a professional tile and grout cleaner, 24/7 Cleaning Services is the best company to call.

Our expert, professional and highly trained staff use industry leading cleaning products, latest equipment and top notch restoration techniques that enhance the lifespan of newly laid tiles and bring the old tiles to their former glory.

For extending the lifespan of tiles and grouts, we maintain and safeguard them so that they retain their original look for years to come.

One of the methods used by 24/7 Cleaning Services to clean the tiles is Turbo Cleaning, which is an extremely efficient method that uses specialised equipment to get the job done. It uses a combination of high pressure water, a rotary action and advanced extraction system. These 3 combined deliver results that can never be achieved with conventional cleaning techniques. This method is specifically designed to clean any kind of tiled area with absolute perfection. The turbo cleaning method, pressure washes the floor and extracts the dirty water at the same time from the surface, leaving the tiles clean.

Our tile and grout cleaning services are offered to:

  • Homes and residences
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Industrial areas… etc.

Our services include:

  • Natural stone cleaning and sealing
  • Sandstone cleaning and sealing
  • Bluestone cleaning and sealing
  • Limestone cleaning and sealing
  • Terracotta cleaning and sealing
  • Marble cleaning and sealing
  • Granite cleaning and sealing
  • Slate cleaning and sealing
  • Tile cleaning and sealing
  • Travertine cleaning and sealing
  • Concrete and Paver cleaning and sealing

Apart from these, we also offer tile re-grouting services. It is a process that dramatically improves the appearance of any tiled area that has suffered from damage. With tile re-grouting, your tiled areas will again look brand new at the fraction of renovating costs.

After years of hard rubbing, scrubbing and using harsh cleaning agents, the tiles suffer massive wear and tear and the mould starts to develop easily.

Call 24/7 Cleaning Services now to get make your tiles brand new again.

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