Supermarket Cleaning

Don’t you just hate it when your cleaning staff fails to turn up before the opening of your store without information? Does your heart skips a beat every time there is a major spill on the floor of your store?

Now you don’t have to worry as 24/7 Cleaning Services is here for your rescue. 24/7 Cleaning Services has an extensive experience and professional expertise in cleaning of Supermarkets. We are known as one of Australia’s leading cleaning service providers and as are experts in efficiently cleaning supermarkets and large format retail stores.

As a cleaning specialist, 24/7 Cleaning Services is fully committed to satisfying its customers’ hygiene and cleaning needs. With our support you can forget about the petty things like every day cleaning and just focus on the business of retailing.

The cleaners employed at 24/7 Cleaning services are highly trained professionals, who won’t allow even a speck of dust to remain in your facility. We offer our clients comprehensive cleaning plans to suit their varying needs and requirements.

Get in touch with us today for a free quote and we can begin working on a design plan that will cater to all your cleaning needs. The design plans offered by us depend upon the following factors.

  • Size of the store
  • Length and breadth of the hallways
  • Type of store flooring
  • Type of store lighting
  • Customers’ expectations regarding the hygiene and cleanliness of the store
  • Types of cleaning equipment required
  • Time of day when cleaning needs to be done
  • Extra maintenance requirements like floor polishing etc.

On the basis of these primary and many other secondary factors, we design a cleaning plan that suits the diverse needs of all our supermarket customers. We cater to our clients 24/7. Whether it is day, evening, night or morning; just give us a call and we’ll handle your cleaning needs like the professionals we are.

Our services include:

  • Brilliant quality cleaning
  • Floor Buffing and polishing
  • Floor maintenance
  • Dusting and shelf cleaning
  • Specialised cleaning service (detailed dusting of the store shelves and any other kind of general cleaning that needs to be done)
  • Cleaning of the parking areas in front of the supermarket building
  • Garbage disposal and sweeping of floors
  • Waste disposal accumulated in the trash bins of supermarket and parking area

When it comes to supermarket cleaning, 24/7 Cleaning Services has all solutions available round the clock and 365 days a year. So, give us a call now and never worry about the cleanliness of your store ever again.

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