Spring Clean

Are you tired of a messy home and are wasting a lot of money on useless cleaning chemicals that just won’t work? Don’t worry. Spring Cleaning is the type of cleaning that will work for you and 24/7 Cleaning Services is an expert in undertaking this kind of cleaning process.

So, use our professional Spring Cleaning services and make your houses and office spaces sparkle and shine like a diamond.

24/7 Cleaning Services know that many people want their houses completely cleaned every once in a while and we are happy to help you in all your cleaning. We know that after a hard day or week’s work, no one wants to indulge in cleaning the house. Once you hire us to clean your home or office, you won’t have to move another muscle as our expert and professional cleaners will take care of the rest. So, just sit back, relax and allow us to work our magic on your property.

24/7 Cleaning Services will take care of all your commercial and domestic needs, our well trained staff has years of experience to provide a friendly, thorough, expert and professional service to a diverse range of clients.

We understand the importance of having a thoroughly clean home and you can be sure of the fact that we provide you with the exceptionally brilliant service that you desire and deserve. Some clients require spring cleaning 3 or 4 times and that’s where we can help you out with our affordable prices.

We are a fully licensed company and have a public liability insurance as well. If there is anything you are not satisfied with then we will send our team back to you FREE of cost to correct the faults. As a customer, you deserve the service worth every penny you spend and that’s what we provide. As a cleaning company, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

General House Cleaning Checklist

Walls & Skirtings Dust & Wipe
Windows / Screens Vacuum & Wipe
Blinds/Curtains Vacuum & wipe
Furniture Dust & Wipe / Keep neat & tidy
Floor Vacuum & Mop with all edges & corners
Doors/Walls/Skirtings/Screens Dust & Wipe
Windows / Screens Vacuum & Wipe
Blinds/Curtains Dust & wipe
Cupboards/Drawers Dust & wipe
Benches/Tilings/Splashbacks Wipe down
Sink/Disposal unit/Taps Wipe down
Stove top/Grill Wipe down / Scrub / Remove oil & grease
Oven Wipe down
Microwave Dust & wipe – Out Side
Refrigerator Dust & wipe ( Out side& Edges )
Dishwasher Dust & Wipe inout side (Clean inside & filters with request)
Bath Wipe
Shower/Shower Screen Wipe / Scrub
Basin/Vanity Wipe / Wash down
Mirrors/Cabinets Clean mirrors
Towel rails Dust & Wipe for remove marks
Toilet (doors/walls/floor) Dust & Wipe / Wash down for remove marks
Exhaust Fans/Light fittings Dust & Wipe
Wash tubs & cupboards under Vacuum & Wipe
Washing Machine/Dryer Dust & Wipe inout side (Clean inside with request )
Balcony/Deck Sweep / Remove cobwebs
Garage/Storeroom Sweep out
Staircases/Railings Wipe & Vacuum

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