Industrial Cleaning

If you work at an industrial site or have ever worked there then you must be first hand aware of the challenges of maintaining the equipment and keeping the whole plant running at optimal production. The biggest challenge is keeping the plant clean.

At 24/7 cleaning services, our extensive range of industrial cleaning services and maintenance solutions are designed in a manner that keeps your facility and equipment in a safe and responsible way. Also, all our cleaning solutions and techniques are environmentally sustainable.

Most importantly, we understand the requirements for different cleaning solutions for different industries and we customize and tailor our services as per the specific and diverse needs of our clients. Therefore, you can be sure of the fact that the services we are providing are best for your facility and equipment.

Types of Industrial Cleaning Services

  • High Pressure Water Jetting:

    We possess the latest and most effective and efficient positive displacement, high and super high pressure washing equipment which are specifically designed to thoroughly clean all your equipment and machinery without harming the environment in the least bit.

  • Sludge Management:

    We utilize the latest and most efficient key techniques and technologies to clean, harvest and process sludge from your facility. We do all this in a simple, easy and environment friendly manner.

  • Vacuum Loading:

    With our vast collection of latest and technically advanced self-contained vacuum loading trucks and equipment, we ensure the safety of both our clients and employees. When it comes to vacuum loading, no one does it better than 24/7 Cleaning Services.

  • Robotic Cleaning:

    Robotic cleaning is a safer, cost–effective and time saving solution while cleaning your plant or industrial site. Robotic cleaning also facilitates less personnel exposure as it negates the requirements of human entry.

  • Tank Cleaning:

    We not only clean your tank, but minimise waste disposal costs and provide full product recovery. Best of all, we guarantee you that we minimise your tank’s downtime.

  • Chemical Cleaning:

    Our technically advanced, cost effective and safe cleaning solutions are designed in a manner that they minimise your downtime and ensure that your equipment functions at optimum levels for maximum efficiency.

When it comes to any kind of industrial cleaning process, 24/7 Cleaning Services is a name that you can trust. So, give us a call today for a free quote and forget all about your worries of cleaning. Our professional cleaners will inspect your facility and present you with an elaborate cleaning plan catering to your specific needs.

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