Eco Friendly Cleaning

As the concept of ‘going green’ becomes a predominant way of life for this generation, people have stopped to think about what going green actually means and entails. ‘Greening’, as the media has dubbed the concept of environmentalism, entails an entire new realm of possibilities that our predecessors had never imagined and this generation of environmentalists so passionately believe in.

Green cleaning is a crucial first step anyone can take in their homes and businesses to begin a life process that actively incorporates and encourages a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. By making the choice to use a green cleaning service that focuses on detoxifying and naturalising a space of the harsh bleach filled toxic chemicals and smells, you are making a choice to enhance the habitat that is your home and/or business as well preserve an essence of the natural environment your home fills.

Features and Benefits of Green Cleaning

  • Enhance your indoor air quality
  • Remove harsh toxic chemicals and smells
  • Remove toxic chemicals from your water system
  • Prevent short and long term environmental damage
  • Simplify your cleaning system
  • Reduce the risk of serious illnesses such as cancer, asthma and allergies
  • Prevent child and animal poisonings
  • Create a positive example for others

Why we are a green cleaning company?

  • All our vehicles are all low-emission (LPG vans)
  • We only use biodegradable bags.
  • All our staff are following the ‘reduce – reuse – recycle’ guide, by reducing the amount of waste, printing only when necessary, recycling everything we possibly can.
  • Cheap 24/7 Cleaning Services trains each staff member on how to properly use green cleaning products and to ensure that our company procedures are followed and high standards are met with each and every office cleaning.
  • We only use Micro fiber Clothes -The special scientific weave of micro fiber is so effective, fewer cleaning chemicals are necessary. Micro fiber really grabs and holds on to dirt and dust, much more so than typical cloths or feather dusters- It is our Policy to undertake its business activities in a manner sensitive to the environment, to conserve natural resources, reduce waste and minimise pollution to land, water and air.

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