Commercial Cleaning

Cheap 24×7 Cleaning Services offering the best and the most economical commercial cleaning services in Melbourne have extended their excellent services to Brighton , Campbellwell, Dandenong and Dockland as well. With a 100% guarantee for their industrial cleaning services, you can rest assured that the quality of cleaning services delivered will be the best.

The skilled and experienced team of cleaners always delivers a top quality clean. The commercial cleaning services offered include office cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, regular house cleaning and move-out cleaning. The company uses modern cleaning equipment that makes cleaning easier, faster and safer. Cheap 24×7 Cleaning Services is proud to be a green cleaning company as it is committed to using only eco-friendly methods and chemicals in their cleaning processes and their cleaning staff is trained to use only ‘green’ eco-friendly processes and chemicals. “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” is the guiding principle followed by all the cleaning staff and the results of this endeavour are evident as the indoor air quality improves markedly and there is no harsh chemical odour after a cleaning operation.

The industrial cleaning services of Cheap 24 x 7 Cleaning Services include warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning, floor scrubbing, glass cleaning etc. Other commercial cleaning services that the company takes up regularly are contracts for Government offices, Local Authority offices, cleaning jobs for hotels, schools, hospitals, supermarkets and post construction clean-ups etc. Cleaning jobs are usually customized by the experienced team of cleaners after understanding each individual requirement. Thus if pressure washing is required in a particular job that can be included in the cleaning routine or if floor scrubbing is required that could also be included.

All commercial and industrial cleaning services include all cleaning materials and equipment which the cleaners bring with them when they come to clean in your factory, office or home. All commercial and industrial cleaning services of Cheap 24 x7 Cleaning Services that were hitherto available in all areas of Melbourne are also now available in Brighton, Campbellwell, Dandenong and Dockland. You can expect the same quality of cleaning in all the places and the same dedication with which the team of cleaners work in Melbourne.

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